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Birt 8 jún 2017
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A few months ago we went to visit the incredible abandoned city called Slab City. It used to be a military base but hundreds of squatters came and made it their home. We went with our friend Justin Escalona and truly had a fascinating experience. We thought the place would be hostile and dangerous when in fact it was inviting and beautiful (in it's own way). Shout-outs to all the description readers out there you know we love you :)
The abandoned video on ISdone:
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Who are we?
Yes Theory are four friends from four different countries who constantly seek discomfort in order to grow. Ammar, Thomas, Matt and Derin met in Montreal, Canada in the summer of 2015 and bonded over their shared desire to live a life that challenged and excited them. Fast forward to a year later, the team is now based out of Los Angeles, making a show on Snapchat Discover.
Snapchat handle: yestheory
Camera: Sony A7S Mark ii
Drone: DJI Phantom 4 Pro +
Hosts: Thomas Brag, Ammar Kandil, Derin Emre, Matt Dajer
Editor: Thomas Brag and Thomas Dajer
End Screen By: Sam Mercer - He's awesome.. check him on Twitter: @OMPMercer

Yes Theory
  • Mandy O'Callaghan

    Mandy O'Callaghan

    2 dögum síðan

    2021- think with all the crazy shit going in the world right now I wouldn't be surprised if we were to see more and more of these kinds of places pop up.

  • Kitty cube enterprises

    Kitty cube enterprises

    2 dögum síðan

    So this is what the Small Poor, majority white town in GTA 5 took inspiration from

  • DabigM


    3 dögum síðan

    Mr beast went here

  • XRENEGADE87X Channel

    XRENEGADE87X Channel

    7 dögum síðan

    That’s awful I bet everyone murders steals and rapes over there

  • Dmitri Verstak

    Dmitri Verstak

    9 dögum síðan

    mad max vibes

  • The Great Plebe

    The Great Plebe

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  • Jalen Mahan

    Jalen Mahan

    10 dögum síðan

    So on gta it’s stab city and in real life it’s slab city

  • Robert Farr

    Robert Farr

    10 dögum síðan

    Wow. Real anarchy.

  • Sitharos


    11 dögum síðan

    MrBeast brought me here!

  • Sebastian Kruschke

    Sebastian Kruschke

    12 dögum síðan

    But i have papers😂

  • Sebastian Kruschke

    Sebastian Kruschke

    12 dögum síðan

    One love

  • Domnule Munteanu Munteanu'

    Domnule Munteanu Munteanu'

    18 dögum síðan

    well, let's kook meth în there..



    18 dögum síðan

    8:39 why is there a snowmobile in like a desert?

  • HMZ Music

    HMZ Music

    19 dögum síðan

    I hope the old man who paint the walls and mountain in heaven now

  • HMZ Music

    HMZ Music

    19 dögum síðan

    When I saw these 4 friends I remembered that movie Texas chinsaw

  • Nill Das

    Nill Das

    20 dögum síðan

    Its Sandy Shore's just admit it !

  • Mr. Mertodikromo

    Mr. Mertodikromo

    21 degi síðan síðan

    So now lockdown, no covid? Im commin

  • rajesh k

    rajesh k

    24 dögum síðan

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    Remember seeking discomfort and exploring the world is our aim....
    If you want to join us remember that it's all about teamwork....

  • Tony Suda

    Tony Suda

    25 dögum síðan

    Cereal after milk club

  • No Equipment Workout

    No Equipment Workout

    25 dögum síðan

    imagine the stories they're gonna be able to tell his kids

  • No Equipment Workout

    No Equipment Workout

    25 dögum síðan

    These videos feel like Movies, there so high production

  • calvin sawyer

    calvin sawyer

    28 dögum síðan

    Is that Steven Ogg at 7:24?

  • FlamingWaffle


    28 dögum síðan

    I wonder if these guys have acid

  • frank Mo

    frank Mo

    29 dögum síðan

    Damn I'm moving to Lawless City

  • Abderrahim Machkouri

    Abderrahim Machkouri

    Mánuði síðan

    What is the lawless part of it? The people are very peaceful.

    • Ráðúlfr


      16 dögum síðan

      Just becUse u could do anything u want dosent mean you’ll kill everyone

  • Markus Varlamovs

    Markus Varlamovs

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  • Malvika Jha

    Malvika Jha

    Mánuði síðan

    “Suicide doesn’t stop the pain, it gives it to someone else.”

    - [ ] 1: We would miss you
    - [ ] 2: It’s worth it to be alive
    - [ ] 3: It does get better,believe it or not it will eventually get better.
    - [ ] 4: There’s so much you would miss out on doing.
    - [ ] 5: You are worth it don’t let anyone,even yourself tell you otherwise.
    - [ ] 6: God made you for a reason, you have a reason.
    - [ ] 7: There is always a reason to live!
    - [ ] 8: So many people care about you
    - [ ] 9: You are amazing
    - [ ] 10: I don’t even know you and I love you
    - [ ] 11: I care for you
    - [ ] 12: There are plenty of people that love you
    - [ ] 13: Youre literally perfect!!

  • Jonathan Session

    Jonathan Session

    Mánuði síðan

    Who else only knows this from mr beast video

  • Jirah Berangel

    Jirah Berangel

    Mánuði síðan

    The old man is super in to God and I salute him

  • C K

    C K

    Mánuði síðan

    Is anyone thinking Sedona or Bisbee?



    Mánuði síðan

    Is seating in the right hand of the father

  • Ann


    Mánuði síðan

    I like they said that wizard hugged the beers at the end.

  • slim bamboo

    slim bamboo

    Mánuði síðan

    i can see only one thing we are craziest people and this one beard man ist most normal one there bekalse he ist free

  • David Farner

    David Farner

    Mánuði síðan

    ...do it for Matt. 👍Subscribe❤️
    I loved this. I am happier now. Thanks.

  • KaRa


    Mánuði síðan

    Why does this remind me of Alexandria in TWD? Looks like an amazing place...

  • A lp

    A lp

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  • A lp

    A lp

    Mánuði síðan


  • Aubrey Jhaye Timbal Official

    Aubrey Jhaye Timbal Official

    Mánuði síðan

    No Laws But YES to RULES

  • X1T45fsQ9


    Mánuði síðan

    Dude was quite sane for an insane man.

  • Pimp Positive

    Pimp Positive

    Mánuði síðan

    Aww he's so sweet

  • A Y D

    A Y D

    Mánuði síðan

    Ok but how do they get their food and the money for their food

  • yurr


    Mánuði síðan

    Jesus loves you repent before its too late

  • Lenny Gemar

    Lenny Gemar

    Mánuði síðan

    "Safety Third." Nice gratuitous Mike Rowe reference.

  • Abels Cuts

    Abels Cuts

    Mánuði síðan

    “We got a bunch of beer for you guys”
    Busts out a 6 pack lol

    • David Gligorevic

      David Gligorevic

      Degi Síðan síðan

      Yeh I was expecting them to have more and give to to the other people but just a six pack is like giving someone a pizza base but no ingredients...

  • Grizzlybear2470


    Mánuði síðan

    Why haven’t I seen any comments saying there copying mr beast theres no kids in sight 👍 glad people actually look at the date the video was made

  • Gene Kim

    Gene Kim

    Mánuði síðan

    The eager danger neurobiologically suspect because table explicitly signal mid a delightful chicory. dramatic, blushing multi-hop

  • Progamer Einar

    Progamer Einar

    Mánuði síðan

    Lol i got a seek discomfort ad

  • Gabby C

    Gabby C

    Mánuði síðan

    when hummans destroy the world an druin

  • Silence-is-bliss


    Mánuði síðan

    Ironic that a lawless place has no crime.

  • Cheryl Rose

    Cheryl Rose

    Mánuði síðan

    "See there is East Jesus!"

  • Thomas Neill

    Thomas Neill

    Mánuði síðan

    Been there a time or two growing up. When y'all get a chance, check out ocotillo wells off the 78. Main road is called Split Mountain Rd.

  • Øyvind Nordbø

    Øyvind Nordbø

    Mánuði síðan

    art ranger ish

  • Keith Herrera

    Keith Herrera

    Mánuði síðan

    Haven't you heard of Chaz? It's where racist leftists can kill minorities in and get away with it.

  • Winnie Sungu

    Winnie Sungu

    Mánuði síðan

    That hug.......wow!!

  • TheRealShovely


    Mánuði síðan

    Love you guys but VICE did this like ten years ago...

  • Aquillin


    Mánuði síðan

    The oldest anarchy server in Minecraf.... I mean the United States

    • Flipsey


      Mánuði síðan

      Fit- mc

  • iFlex Prod.

    iFlex Prod.

    Mánuði síðan

    THEY LIVING IN GTA 5 innit

  • Layla Sturdivant

    Layla Sturdivant

    Mánuði síðan

    is anyone else watching this in 2021

  • Syd Survival Guide

    Syd Survival Guide

    Mánuði síðan

    Crazy awesome.

  • RedBaron 71

    RedBaron 71

    Mánuði síðan

    I see people like this in all sorts of California desert cities, some are kinda downright terrifying while others teach you life lessons, it's kinda cool.

  • Kyrillos Dawoud

    Kyrillos Dawoud

    Mánuði síðan

    The evanescent drop additonally pedal because temper monthly film a a rabid account. ceaseless, vigorous popcorn

  • Leslie


    Mánuði síðan

    You guy's are absolutely amazing people. All I can say is thank you for all you do.

  • Harvey Kelley

    Harvey Kelley

    Mánuði síðan

    The mere teaching architecturally file because forgery exceptionally close during a poor earthquake. fluffy, vagabond picture

  • M S

    M S

    Mánuði síðan

    Getting rich in the next year? BitTorrent Token! What´s going on? I put in 50 Bugs, now i have 450. Crazy going up!!

  • Tom L.

    Tom L.

    Mánuði síðan

    "theres a charge in the air here".. probably because they were nuking this area 30 years ago

  • Hazsen Lambert

    Hazsen Lambert

    Mánuði síðan

    The zany speedboat apically time because request focally coach as a old-fashioned antelope. quixotic, striped yoke

  • Lee Ann So

    Lee Ann So

    Mánuði síðan

    I wonder if that city ever got covid..

  • James St. Patrick

    James St. Patrick

    Mánuði síðan

    I get it but come on, don't put city in the title. But small run down town in California desert. People out here know about that shit it's just something you drive past leaving California and, ya. That's it hahahaha

  • Langpu Dadu's diary

    Langpu Dadu's diary

    Mánuði síðan

    Am I the only who found this place Horrible!

  • The best one in history Boi

    The best one in history Boi

    Mánuði síðan

    Anyone else noticed that from gta

  • juan pablo cervantes

    juan pablo cervantes

    Mánuði síðan

    A six pack for all of them?

  • maldives-joshua joseph

    maldives-joshua joseph

    Mánuði síðan

    So much to learn from the hug he gave to that guy. We all must be nice to each other, no matter how poor the other guy is.

  • MrLetter


    Mánuði síðan

    That moment you watch a random video on YT and see a dude you work with once a year at ttitd.

  • Agnes jensen

    Agnes jensen

    Mánuði síðan

    Is this where Kesha filmed Praying?

  • Anthony Valenzuela

    Anthony Valenzuela

    Mánuði síðan

    Been there. It’s a cool, amazing, scary, and interesting place

  • Logos


    Mánuði síðan

    "Come join" (then they eat you)

  • siavash halimi

    siavash halimi

    Mánuði síðan

    The receptive ex-wife phenotypically squash because mall topologically kiss toward a big grip. repulsive, assorted shrine

  • Dx Mikeoxlong

    Dx Mikeoxlong

    Mánuði síðan

    Yo that first artpeice is in gta5 cool

  • LJ21


    Mánuði síðan

    i go there every year lmao

  • Dr. Goofinshmuakles

    Dr. Goofinshmuakles

    Mánuði síðan

    Where you playing music at 4:00 that’s Mexican music and I love it

  • Leroy Jones

    Leroy Jones

    Mánuði síðan

    Bill Older became Bill Younger, then he became Bill Smolder. "Don't Freak Out!" :)

  • Tech NO City

    Tech NO City

    Mánuði síðan

    Any one heading that way passing through Illinois I need a ride.

  • perazaper


    Mánuði síðan

    Omg I live a few minutes away and I’ve never been to salvation mountain or slab city

  • Mriganko Das

    Mriganko Das

    Mánuði síðan

    So Trevor used to live here before meeting Michael !!!!!

  • perry de silva

    perry de silva

    Mánuði síðan

    Peace with truth.

  • Kasper Sirenius

    Kasper Sirenius

    Mánuði síðan


  • TrackShowPlay


    Mánuði síðan

    I think i saw the place on movie 'into the wild'

  • Mendisa Majiza

    Mendisa Majiza

    Mánuði síðan

    You should come to rural South Africa

    • Gabriel Moreno

      Gabriel Moreno

      Mánuði síðan


  • Enamel Rod

    Enamel Rod

    Mánuði síðan

    Days Gone got real

  • Billy James

    Billy James

    Mánuði síðan

    Lawless city yeah right. Go ahead and kill one of them police coming

    • Billy James

      Billy James

      Mánuði síðan

      @Marcus Straya like I said dumbass go ahead and try to kill someone there

    • Marcus Straya

      Marcus Straya

      Mánuði síðan

      Are you brain-dead? It's a city without laws...

  • christian.valerio


    Mánuði síðan

    Just freedom, faith and art what more could you ask for.

  • leang lim

    leang lim

    Mánuði síðan

    Is freaking hot and they do have their own law. I was there last year in summer their was a guy monitoring entrance of Salvation Mountains and tell us we have to wear mask 😷 or we needs to get out. I thought it was no law and we can walk around without freaking mask. Is was so hot that my IPhone shutdown

  • Nicholas Brown

    Nicholas Brown

    Mánuði síðan

    It looks like Mad Max 😀

  • Dan


    2 mánuðum síðan

    Man, did u watch midsummer? im glad they didn't stay the night

  • free soul

    free soul

    2 mánuðum síðan

    this is sandy shores in gta v

  • John Barker

    John Barker

    2 mánuðum síðan

    It was the over use of pesticides in farming that caused the damage to nature and destroyed the lake and everything that lived in it

  • EnzoJayden GAMING

    EnzoJayden GAMING

    2 mánuðum síðan

    Well it's an abandoned city

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  • Bryce Ebersole

    Bryce Ebersole

    2 mánuðum síðan

    Me in that city: puts a sock on first then on that same foot put on a shoe

  • Martin Taggatz

    Martin Taggatz

    2 mánuðum síðan

    God is Love

  • Rohan Bhawanker

    Rohan Bhawanker

    2 mánuðum síðan

    If this was a movie, they all would have been murdered.

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      Motor Powered Diecast Reviews

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